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About us

We Make All Your Outdoor Living Dreams Come True

Here at High Green Home Services, we believe that your home is the ultimate reflection of who you are and likely your greatest asset. There's no denying the value of investing in your home, and your homes immediate outdoor space has never been more significant than it is today.


Regardless of what your specific project needs may be, our experienced team at High Green Home Services can support your dream at any level. From hardscapes to outdoor lighting to fencing, we can do it all. 


Schedule a no cost, in-person, estimate today and give us the opportunity to show you why we are the clear choice for your home improvement projects.   


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Ben Jennings, a Walton High School graduate, started his professional career starting, running and growing Clear Creek Landscaping LLC, the sister company to High Green Home Services. He has a decade of experience in lawn maintenance, landscaping, and hardscaping in the Marietta community and is dedicated to providing the best service and high quality products. 

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Bryan Weglage had worked his way up through the ranks of Home Depot corporate office, traveling the country focusing on in-store quality improvements. From there, Bryan moved to Atlanta for the opportunity to manage the Home Depot stores surrounding the perimeter of Atlanta. Bryan has recently retired from Home Depot to help start High Green Home Services.

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