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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Does HGHS charge for an initial consultation?
    We do not charge for our initial consultation or estimate. Following all initial consultation visits, you will receive a line-item estimate for your project that is broken into installation segments for clarity. If a CAD design is needed for HOA, permitting approval, etc., we can provide a rendering for your project.
  • How long does it take to receive my estimate?
    Once we have received the material quote back from our suppliers, the usual turnaround time for estimates to be sent out is 3 business days.
  • What are HGHS' service areas?
    We service North Georgia and the greater Atlanta area.
  • How long until you can start on my project?
    Once your project installation details have been set and your project service contract has been signed, our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks.
  • When do I pay for the project material deposit?
    The project material deposit is required when the service contract is signed. Each installation is different and depending on your installation, the project material deposit ranges from 25% - 50% of the total project cost and is due at the time of signing the contract. Please note that a 3.5% fee is added for all credit card charges.
  • What if I already have a design?
    Not a problem, we welcome design plans and offer additional recommendations or changes.
  • What makes HGHS different?
    We pride ourselves on being a company that stands behind our work. We care deeply about our customers and our project installations. We have dedicated years to perfecting our skillsets and providing the best products in our industry. We dedicate many hours of training to our installers to ensure they have all the skills needed to provide excellent service for your project.
  • Sod - What type of grass is best for my yard? How do I care for my new sod? How much does sod cost? How much do you charge to install sod?
    We are here to answer you installation questions, but we encourage all customers to also utilize Super-Sod's resources including helpful links and pricing. The cost of sod varies by grass type, you can check pricing and delivery cost from Super-Sods website.
  • Irrigation - Do you install new drip irrigation for landscape beds, planters, and gardens? Do you repair existing systems? Do you install new smart controllers/ panels?
    Yes, from new installations to simple and complex repairs, we can handle all your irrigation and sprinkler needs.
  • Drainage - How do you charge for drainage? Is drainage expensive? What type of drainage material do you use and install?
    As a standard, we use solid PVC for our buried drainage with pop-up retractable drain emitters. Socked french drainpipe is used in our retaining wall systems and in certain field situations. Drainage is typically priced per linear foot for transparency. Our drainage line-item includes drainage connections, adhesive, and downspout adapters (if needed).
  • Paver Patios - What is the typical size of a paver patio and are pavers expensive?
    The overall square footage of a paver patio pricing depends on a few key factors: 1) Is a seating wall needed due to the grade of your area 2) Is a fire pit being installed and inlaid into your paver patio 3) Paver design - 1, 2, or 3piece paver design
  • Retaining Walls - What type of material is used to build a retaining wall and are they costly?
    Retaining walls are rarely installed for aesthetic purposes. Retaining walls provide usable land on slopes and hills, support to combat erosion, cope with water runoff, and additional seating in certain scenarios. The overall cost of a newly installed retaining wall varies based on the material type, existing wall structure, and access.
  • Outdoor Lighting - What brand of lights do you offer and install? Do you charge per light or is there a package price?
    We install a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures from FXLuminaire. The number of LED light fixtures needed for your project will determine the size of the low voltage transformer needed for your installation. All lights are sold individually, however bulk pricing is available.
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